Update Project Brazil

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Here follows an update of the last few weeks. Sport Development Leader Rolf de Jong works for the Sport Develops You Foundation. We like to inform you about his activities.

The baseball club

During the month of February the kids had no baseball classes, because Sven left at the beginning of February and Rolf came back early March. In February the kids were really longing for their baseball classes, so they were very happy when Rolf returned in March.

Half March the raining season started in Fortaleza, and playing baseball was sometimes impossible. Rolf and the kids even tried to find another playground. From April most of the rainy periods are in the mornings. Rolf decided to cancel the morning classes en now continues only with the afternoon classes. There are about 12 to 15 kids in the baseball club.

The baseball club is now going on for more than six months, and the kids made a lot of improvement. The Sport Development Leader was able to expand the game with new rules. Also the quality of hitting, catching and throwing is getting better and better. Rolf managed to choose a team captain. The Team Captain needs to be a role model for the other kids and is responsible for helping the new kids, preparing the field and forming the teams.

Day at the beach with Oomen Advocatuur

In May Rolf took the kids to Cumbuco Beach. It’s good for the kids to have a day out. During this day the kids played on the beach, went for swimming and had lunch. Oomen Advocatuur financed this day. We spent 100 Euro from our project sponsor www.oomenadvocatuur.nl.

Rolf left ARCA

In the last week of May Rolf left ARCA and returned to The Netherlands. Sport Develops You Foundation wishes to thank Rolf for the efforts he put into the baseball club. Rolf already has plans to return to Fortaleza in September. SDYF will keep you posted if this is really going to happen...