Aloha’s Kiteboarding School

Monday, August 10, 2015

This news report is written by our partner Aloha.

As we've already told you SDYF is helping our Brazilian Foundation Aloha by paying a monthly salary to Wilkison Miranda in order to help him and Aloha to start a kiteboarding school.
June and July have been very good months for Aloha Kiteboarding, because Wilkison has taught more than sixty hours to tourists from different countries! In the photo below you see Wilkison with a German kite student; she was so enthusiastic about his lessons that she took 12 hours of lessons alltogether!

Next to teaching kiteboarding, Wilkison still finds time to teach English to the kids from Aloha. But besides that it’s hard to find time for marketing-activities. Aloha still has to work on this, as well as finding a way to keep the school going when in January of next year the kiteboarding season will end. Maybe starting activities in teaching wave surfing might be an idea!.

In the photo left we see Wilkison while he's teaching English to some Aloha-kids. On the right (in the yellow-brazil-shirt) we see Daniel. The good news about him is that after the English classes (and a recommendation from Aloha-founder Rolf) Daniel found a job as a beach boy at the local hotel-restaurant “Windtown”.
Below here you see Daniel during his job for Windtown where his English is getting better and better because more than half of his clients speak English with him!

A lot of good news from Brazil as you can see, as well as a lot of work that still has to be done to make the project self-sufficient. Thank you SDYF for helping Aloha; we hope that for the next newsletter we can keep on bringing positive news! If you want to read more about Aloha check

a hug from:

Rolf and Marco from Aloha!