Monday, May 4, 2015

We are happy to announce that we have a new partner.

Sports Development Leader Rolf recently started his own foundation. Rolf remained in Brazil after completing his work for SDYF and ARCA. He got the idea to start his own project in Cumbuco. The name of this project is ALOHA.

We would love to collaborate with ALOHA because of their sustainable ideas:

  • ALOHA is creating a financial income by giving kiteboarding lessons to tourists in Cumbuco. This way the foundation can finance her own projects;
  • ALOHA teaches English classes to the children from the slums.
  • ALOHA takes care of these children's nutrition.
  • ALOHA plays sports and recreation games with the children.
  • ALOHA will train new kiteboard instructors.

SDYF has begun to help this foundation by supporting ALOHA’s local sports leader. We can afford to do so because SDYF has some budget left from 2014. We'll keep you informed about this investment in our future reports.

To get more information about ALOHA please check their website:

Also like their Facebook page:

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