Day of the Child with Oomen

Monday, November 10, 2014

Day of the Child with Oomen Advocatuur

Last month we celebrated with ARCA in Brazil the Day of the Child (Dia das Crianças). On this day the children are in the spotlight.
With thanks to Oomen Advocatuur this day was very successful. Oomen sponsored together with SDFY four inflatables for our partner ARCA.
This day ARCA organized an event for children from the slums. Not only for those children that are already in the project, but also for kids who don’t participate yet. New kids could register and sign up for ARCA activities, for example the baseball activity.

Education Program 1

On Saturday October 11th we visited scouting group Willem de Zwijger. Maarten de Kruijf arrived at 12:30 AM and was met by the staff.
Thirty kids between 7 and 11 years old were present.
SDYF gave a presentation, a recycling workshop and taught several sport and recreation games. The whole program lasted three hours. Maarten had on this day help from his brother Walter.
We made a video on that day. Hopefully we can show you this next month.

Education Program 2

On Sunday October 12th we did the same program for the children from Weekend school Petje Af. Here the kids were between 10 and 14 years old. We had a group of 10 kids. Every week at this school coming professionals to talk about their profession. For Maarten was this a perfect moment to tell about his work as a Sports and Development worker. Maarten told the kids about teaching sports all over the world. Also he explained the power of sports. What can sports do for children? During this day SDYF's 10 rules of conduct and behavior were the focus of attention.

Oomen Advocatuur

SDYF received an invitation to give a lecture in November during a network reception organized by Oomen Advocatuur, our project sponsor. We are looking forward to show them our last year's results in Brazil.

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