Results Brazil December

Sunday, January 5, 2014

This news report is about the results from Sport Development Leader Sven.

Four days a week Sven wakes up at 6.00 a.m. Riding his bicycle through the streets of Fortaleza he reaches the ARCA Community Centre around 7.00 a.m. Here follows a summary of Sven’s activities:

Baseball Club:
Twice a week Sven is giving baseball classes. It’s not only about learning how to play baseball, also topics like respect and friendship are part of the classes.

Family Day:
In the beginning of December it was family day at ARCA. Parents were invited to join the activities. Children played together with their parents. Sven was responsible for some games during this day.

Promotional Activities:
At regular times Sven drives with the ARCA bus through the streets and makes announcements. That way ARCA hopes to persuade more kids to come to the community centre.

Motoric Remedial Teaching Test:
ARCA has developed a test for all the kids to see their sport skills on different levels. Sven made an important contribution by designing good observation forms and finding good games to use. Next year ARCA will be doing the test again to see the children’s progress.

Christmas Celebration:
During Christmas a local organization (Socios Do Bem) invited ARCA to celebrate Christmas together. This was a big success. All the kids got Christmas presents.

Assisting the project during the day:
There are also daily jobs that need to be done, like helping with the cleaning and washing in and around the Community Centre and handing out food to the kids after their activities.

Observation and evaluation of the local Sport Leaders:
Besides all these activities Sven is doing more.
Every day, when the local sport leaders are teaching the children, Sven observes them and gives feedback. His coaching helps the sport leaders to improve the quality of their classes.

For the coming month Sven will keep going on with his activities in Fortaleza.

To see pictures about Sven’s work from last month: check our Facebook page: