News Report December

Monday, December 8, 2014

Video Day of the Child 2014

As you could read in our last report we celebrated in October the Day of the Child. Here follows a video to get an idea how it was this day: Enjoy!

Day out with the parents

With thanks to Basisgemeenschap Ede it was possible to do something for the parents as well. In the beginning of October the children were in the spotlights. But at the end of the month the parents were in the spotlights.

This day out was very important to get to know the parents. Through this day the parents got involved in the ARCA projects. Schools and NGO’s in neighborhoods have the same problem: most parents are not interested in the education of their children. ARCA wants them to get involved with the schools and to help their children as much as possible.

On October 30 the parents came together at the ARCA community house for the day out with totally 45 people. Some parents took their children with them. Also the parents from the baseball activity came out. All of them went by bus to Cumbuco Beach to get a dive in the sea and play sports and games.
After a good time in Cumbuco the bus went to Lagao do Cauipe where the parents could relax at the lake and enjoy the surroundings. In the afternoon there was lunch for everybody. Most of the parents never had a day out like this. The day came to an end at dusk when the bus went back to the ARCA community house.

Sport and Recycle workshop from Goed Gespeeld

We started the workshop on October 7, and on November 18 we completed the six-week program. We had three recycle lessons in which we made sport toys. In the last three lessons we used our toys during the sport lessons.

For pictures from the day out with the parents see:

For pictures from the Sport and Recycle workshop see: