SDYF in the Netherlands

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SDYF Education Program

We are going to start an Education Program in the Netherlands. This SDYF Education program will last three hours and consists of three different parts: At first a presentation, followed by a workshop, and finally we'll finish with sports and recreational games.
This Education Program will be held for the youth organization of the scouts. The purpose of scouting - as their activities are called - is for young people to learn practical skills, how to be independent and to learn about moral values. SDYF founder Maarten de Kruijf will visit as a volunteer different Scout Associations in Utrecht. At the end of the program the scouts can buy the SDYF bracelet.

On tour with Goed Gespeeld

In October Goed Gespeeld will start a program for several After School Care organizations. Their program is almost similar to the SDYF Education program but more elaborate: one day per week - during 6 weeks - they will organize a workshop. There will be one presentation, two recycle workshops and two sports and recreational activities. One part of the workshop is not filled in yet. We will decide together with the children what we'll do at the last part of the workshop. After their workshop the children will receive an update about what they have learned.

Day of the child together with Oomen Advocatuur

On October 12 it’s the Day of the Child in Brazil (dia das crianças).
Next New Report we tell you about this day.


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