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Saturday, November 9, 2013

In this news report we would like to tell you about the work from our Sport Development Leader Rolf. For more info about Rolf, read the news report from October.

With help from the SDY Foundation, Rolf started last month with his work for ARCA (= Associação Recreativa e esportiva para Crianças e Adolescentes)

Before Rolf left Holland, the SDY Foundation and Rolf decided on goals for the period that he was going to be staying in Brazil. In his first month he booked a lot of results:

Assisting a Handball Tournament:
In the first week ARCA had a handball tournament. Rolf was a great help during the tournament; he coached the children, helped with the organisation, made schedules and a lot more. After the tournament he gave feedback.

Promotional Activities:
Rolf is visiting schools to inform children about ARCA. Through this ARCA tries to reach more kids to get them enthusiastic to play sport and recreation.

Athletics Course:
Rolf is giving special training to the local Sport Leaders. Rolf has years of experience in athletics and teaching. It’s the perfect way to share your passion with young sport leaders.

Baseball Club:
We like to introduce other sport activities for the children from 13 until 18 years old. At this moment Rolf is training the local Sport Leaders to become a player / coach for the Baseball Club.

Observation and evaluation from the local Sport Leaders:
Besides the activities were Rolf is assisting and activities that he is organizing, Rolf is doing more. Every day the local Sport Leaders are teaching the children, Rolf makes observations and gives feedback to the local Sport Leader. This will help them to improve the quality of the classes that they are giving.

Day out with the kids:
On October 12 it’s the Day of the Child in Brazil (dia das crianças). Rolf went together with some children out of the slums to visit other places in Fortaleza, places where the children normally don’t come in their daily lives. For children it’s good to see more of the city where they are living in.

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