Results Sponsoring ALOHA

Monday, October 12, 2015

With lots of thanks to Aloysius de Roosten we were able to sponsor Social Project ALOHA in the last four months. We did this by supporting local sports leader Wilkison. Here follows a short review about the results/impact that Wilkison and ALOHA booked in the months May, June, July and August 2015.

English lessons and Sports activities

Twice a week Wilkison has his own group of eight kids. Every week the kids are coming back to develop their English and are participating in the sports activities. Part of the sports activities consists of body board lessons. Through those lessons and activities ALOHA can help boys and girls with their future lives. The last months ALOHA found work for three of those boys: Daniel, 14 years: He is helping at Windtown as a beach boy. This means he needs to pump up kites, and prepare all the equipment the instructor needs for his lesson. During this work he is improving his English. In the future he hopes to become an instructor himself. Nathanael, 18 years: Just as Daniel he was working for Windtown. But now he is working for KiteBud. KiteBud is also a kite school. The school provides him with a course to become an instructor and now he works for them. Djacy, 16 years: Also is working as a beach boy. Djacy is doing this in the weekends at Vila Coqueiros.

Kite lessons to tourists

The last few weeks Wilkison gave lessons to two German tourists. Both of them have taken more than 10 hours of kite lessons. ALOHA suspect suspects they will be coming back next year. Two French kids have followed kite lessons. When the weather wasn’t great for kite, they had surf or body board lessons from Wilkison. One Dutch man followed a few lessons and is bringing in more Dutch tourists to ALOHA. There were also two boys from Spain that took a lesson. A few locals also took lessons; one of them got inspired and bought his own kite.

Good news is that ALOHA now found their own way to finance Wilkison. We were happy to give them a hand to start up their project.

Aloysius / De Roosten