Baseball Video

Monday, October 6, 2014


Last month we worked on our baseball video. We made this video for our sponsors. Through this video everybody can see what we realized the last year in Brazil. Our Sport Development Leaders Rolf de Jong and Sven Ermens worked several times for ARCA. During their stay they made short videos in their classes. Walter de Kruijf compiled these short videos into this baseball video. We wish to thank Walter for his work.

Education Program

In our last report we informed you about our education program. We'll start on Saturday October 11th. We are going to scouting group Willem de Zwijger in Utrecht. On October 12th we are at the weekend school Petje Af in Utrecht

Day of the child together with Oomen Advocatuur

October 12 is the Day of the Child in Brazil (Dia das Crianças). In our next news report we'll tell you more about this day.


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