SDYF Bracelets

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Maarten de Kruijf wants to create opportunities for ambitious people to raise funds so they will be able to do volunteer work.

In June 2013 Maarten came with an idea of SDYF silicone bracelets.

Already for some time Maarten works in China. Last year he made contact with Chinese companies that produce these bracelets. Recently he ordered six thousand bracelets for a good price. Maarten donated them to his own foundation.

The volunteers will receive (for free) as many bracelets as they want. The selling price is € 2,00. For example: if the volunteer sells one thousand bracelets, he or she gets two thousand euros. Then they can pay for their own flight, rent and their daily food.

With the profits of the bracelets that Maarten sells himself, he can help the volunteers with the equipment they need.

Altogether, by selling these bracelets volunteers are helping local sport NGO’s and their projects to be independent on donations.

On our Facebook page you can see more pictures of the SDYF bracelets.