Annual Report

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This month’s news bulletin is about our Annual Report 2013.

As a foundation our Annual Report will be published every year. We offer openness to our sponsors, partners and supporters. Everybody has the right to know what happened the last year. Included is also a financial Annual Report.

It is in Dutch because the foundation is registered in Holland.
Here follows a summary of its contents in English:

Our goal in 2013

We wish to contribute to the personal development of poor children and young people by means of sports and recreation. These sports related projects should eventually be self supporting and financially independent.

In 2013 we started the project in Fortaleza together with our Brazilian partner ARCA. In order to help ARCA we sent our Sport Development Leaders Sven and Rolf to Fortaleza.

Our main goal was to revive the tourist programme: to recruit tourists and students who wish to follow lessons at the surf and kite school. Sub goals were:

  • Teaching sports and games in ARCA’s projects;
  • Coaching ARCA’s sport leaders;
  • Give general feedback to improve quality of teaching.

Results in 2013

As for our main goal: It was not possible to realize the revival of the tourist programme. We encountered difficulties we didn’t expect beforehand.

On the other hand, our sub goals have been met. Teaching sports and games appeared to be a big hit. Rolf started a baseball club. Coaching of the local ARCA sport leaders was very successful. Quality of lessons was improved by observations and feed back from our Sport Development Leaders.

Organisation and management

In our Annual Report you will see an organogram. This will be published later on our website under SDYF team.

Fund raising

Our main income in 2013 was from the sale of SDYF Bracelets. Further we received donations from:

  • Oomen Advocatuur;
  • Restaurant ‘t Halve Maentje;
  • Private donations.

Financial Annual Report:

Here you will find the profit & loss account.
Total income 2013: € 2.593,43
Total expenses 2013: € 1.643,40

Remaining budget: € 950,03

What to expect in 2014

  • We will continue our project in Fortaleza, with exception of the tourist programme;
  • Our Sport Development Leaders will play a big part in the leadership of the baseball club;
  • Coaching of the local sports leaders will be continued.

Download our Annual Report:

Annual Report 2013 (pdf, 5 MB)