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Invest in Sport Develops You

Written by Maarten de Kruijf

Besides my day-to-day job we want do more, and we need help. I’ve seen with my own eyes that people put money in projects and organization, but most of the time the sponsor doesn’t know and can’t see what is happening. With SDY however, you will be able to track your money and see results as they unfold. Another option would be that our donation is going to another NGO that is a partner from the SDY foundation. The SDY foundation picks the projects that it can trust, and it will make proper arrangements to help.

Sponsor a foundation that inspires children all over the world. SDY uses sport and recreation everywhere in the world. You’ll always know what SDY is doing (call, e-mail, skype). Follow SDY (Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Website) SDY can and will show people directly what happens with their invested capital. We’ll send his sponsors pictures, stories, and even movies. And on his webpage there will be monthly updates about what we are doing and were we are. Read the sport leader’s stories on were he is, and what he has done so far. We’ll keep you informed on what changes are made, and how the current status of his project is. Sponsored clothing, or other articles will always be used during practice. How more support, how more lives we can inspire.