Who can sponsor?

Schools and Colleges

Help others with your school.

Our foundation has education programs for primary and secondary schools. Our Sport Development Leaders can visit your school. They will give a presentation about what is happening on the other side of the world.

We will answer your questions, show you movies and pictures. And we will organize for your class or school an sport and recreation activity. We can show you how children in other countries are playing, and why sports are important for a child’s development.

After the presentation and the sport activities we can together make a plan how your school or class can do something for the Sport Develops You Foundation.


We would like to collaborate with universities. Do you have a great idea? Please let us know.

Sport Associations and Academies

Help others through playing sports!

Do you play football, hockey, volleyball, basketball or other sport activities? With your team or club you can come into action for Sport Develops You Foundation. Score goals with SDYF? SDYF tournament? There are all kinds of possibilities through which you can help.

Restaurant and Bars

We would be very happy to organize special days in your restaurant or bar. Or maybe you have a plan with your bar / restaurant to organize an event and want to donate the raised money to our Foundation.


If your company wishes to contribute to a social cause, your company can sponsor our Sport Develops You Foundation. We are willing to come to you’re company and give presentations. We can organize teambuilding activities and make a lot of fun.


We would like to have a stand on events to promote the Sport Develops You Foundation. If there is a place available to us on your event, please let us know.

Interested? Please send an e-mail to